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Grant Clarkson: Liner Notes

176. Spheres

This album and Thy Will Be Done were worked on simultaneously in the summer 2018, while doing 9 public gigs a week.

Both were recorded on my new Zoom R 24 and later mixed and mastered at Blitz Studios.

Spheres also featured my new keyboard and drum programmes and was set out to be another funky but harmonically straight-forward electric album.

This one was also designed to feature much guitar work, also bringing in new tones courtesy of the new MXR Phase 90 and the Steve Vai Bad Horsie 2.

175. Thy Will Be Done

So it was on my mind to do a new original suite of compositions featuring the acoustic bass. I put down the rhythms as my metronomic scaffold anticipating playing arco, adding more strings and orchestral instrumentation and eventually finalizing the score in Sibelius as another chamber work like Thought Criminal.

Then I got the jazz bug. After gigging constantly in jazz trios on the acoustic bass, it had been too long that I had performed some original [...]
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