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Grant Clarkson: Liner Notes

168. Recollection

After the last two quintet albums which were both acoustic, I wanted to feature this band in an electric and funk setting. This idea coupled with the thought of reviving some of my old tunes which I still liked but were never recorded very well is what gave form to this album, Recollection.

Some of these songs were written as long ago as 1994, and none more recent than 2009. I transcribed the original versions and then crafted these arrangements with this particular quintet in mind.

With the exception of a few licks, the band is playing my complete arrangements with all the ideas therein true to the original writing of these songs, many from half a lifetime ago.

However the two solo piano pieces are flushed out beyond the ink as I suggested to Sky which makes them much more interesting. "That Jam" is another exception - an old vehicle for everyone to cut loose and be themselves in the Now.

The meaning and feeling of it all is to have this material brought forward [...]
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